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Dripfest 2010

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Who: Old City Oil Drippers & Garnet VW
What: 3rd Annual Dripfest Aircooled VW and Porsche Show Shine and Swap
When: June 5th / 8am-3pm
Where: Spring Mountain Ski Area 757 Spring Mount Rd, Schwenksville, Pa 19473

Camping is Available Friday and Saturday Night

Friday June 4th:
OCOD Pre-show gathering and camping

Saturday June 5th:
Dripfest 8am-3pm
OCOD Countryside Cruise after the show
TikiBar After Show Party after the Countryside Cruise
Camping after the TikiBar

Sunday June 6th:
OCOD cruise to Cult Classic in Coopersburg

Cult Classic Photos from Last Year

Cult Classic Vortex Link

photos from last year


Dripfest 2009 FREE Aircooled VW & Porsche Show

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Good Good Things

Posted in Car, Northeast Chapter, Southeast Chapter, VW on March 3, 2009 by ssbielman

Our friend John Mark at American Crossroads Apparel was so excited to see the great response from everyone by the amount of Jacket orders.  He has decided to hold on to the screen of our new logo for a little bit longer!  What does this mean?  It means John’s a cool cat!  To you it means you still have a chance to order a club jacket.  We are also opening up this opportunity to bring in your own jacket.  We know how hard it is to find a jacket you like especially with something you actually want on the back of it.  So here’s your chance.  You buy the jacket (or bring in one you already own) and for $20 we will screen the new logo on the back!   Lady’s, we haven’t forgot about you!  Spruce up your favorite blank shirt from your closet or buy one that’s just your style.  Bring it to the next meet and for $20 we will screen it aswell!

Please keep all material to 100% cotton or a Cotton/Polyester mix

Winter Jam

Posted in Car, Northeast Chapter, Show, Southeast Chapter, VW on February 26, 2009 by ssbielman

Wow, as you can tell by the pictures, this thing was huge!  For me it started at 9:00am Friday morning.  Brian Batzel, his brother Jeff and friend Matt (Orchid Euro) all arrive at my place after a 13 hour drive from PA.  After a quick bite to eat and a few charity donations later we’re off to the screen print shop to make a run of the latest O.C.O.D. design by the Wildcard.  9 hours, 5 Skate sessions, 2 beer runs, a couple naps, and 1 O.C.O.D.  screen printed chef’s hat later we’re off too Daytona!

We arrive too late to get in on the Friday nights party action so we head to the hotel.   Saturday morning is the H2O and Bus show.  After I spin a drum in the Notch.   Brian and crew head to the water show as I head off to see all the bus’s and try and find a replacement drum.  As I’m sitting on my box of freshly made goodies looking utterly unprofessional ; ) I see Bradley and he introduces me to Dyno Don.  Bradley explains to him that I’ve spun a drum and being that Don is a type 3 guy he’s all excited to help and says “hold on a minute”!   He runs over to the stage and before I know it, he’s announcing to the crowd my predicament and begging for someone to help me.  As a crowd of 100 or so people all turn and look at me, I couldn’t help but wave.  Literally 30 seconds after the announcement 3 separate people come over to offer help and Eric actually has a drum in his hand!   THANK YOU DYNO DON!!!   Seeing as we were at a “life style event” we thought it best to find a dark remote looking spot in an ally to hand off the VW stuff.  What would people think if they saw you acting like you where at a VW show all out in the open?  The Hilton has a reputation to uphold ya know?  A T-shirt for a brake drum; gotta love the barter system.  Thanks again Erik!

Next up was the Bikini contest!  Jeff was chosen to be a judge and I don’t think he went an hour without referring to it or recounting vivid images of his experience for the rest of the trip. Can you blame him?  With the contest over and Jeff still in heaven we gather up all the necessary equipment to replace my drum and we head to the parking garage.  With the car on an incline, a sketchy jack and no jack stands we proceed to change the drum.  The car back on all fours (thanks to the AKJ crew) and no one with missing and or smashed limbs we head to the sonic cruise-in.  If the Sonic was an Applebee’s I would have thought we were at Bellaire Plaza with so many cars there!  With the parking lot thinning, we decide it’s time to head over to the after party.

Sunday morning we all feel like *ish*, except for Matt.  He’s the only smart one in the bunch.  As we head to the show the Oval’s points finally give up the ghost.  An hour later we arrive at the Port Orange City Center and get great parking spots.  The weather, car’s, people and exhibits where all awesome!  I’m still in aw over the Old Speed Experience.  Hats off to Chadd, Lo’ Cash, the Wolfsburg Kreuzers and everyone else for putting on such a great weekend and for all the countless hours they put in to make it happen.


A BIG thanks to Brian Jeff and Matt for pushing BOTH my cars around all weekend!

“Why replace a generator when you have 3 friends around?”

“Members Only”

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These are Dickies work jackets with our club logo on the back.  If you are interested in ordering one, this is your last chance. Let me know what color: Black or Gray and what size.  The screen printer is going to whipe the screens this Saturday so all orders must be in by Friday. 
Cost $40

Spy Shots

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Looks like the O.C.O.D. have been busy.  Look for new Merch in the coming days or do yourself a favor and stop by Wednesday or Saturday and become the coolest kid on your block.


If you didn’t make it out to Daytona last weekend… well… your bad.  Photos coming soon!

DripFest 2009

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DripFest 2009


more info coming soon!